Phenomenal Attorney

“Attorney Aaron David Wersing worked with me as a Consultant, on a complex legal matter pertaining to an En Banc proceeding. During my consultation with Attorney Wersing, I found him to be a Master at understanding intricate details of Federal and non-Federal legal processes and procedures. He is a phenomenal Attorney, who does outstanding work. The following language gives a good illustration of my view of Attorney Wersing, during and after our Consultation: An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming. Attorney Wersing’s Consultancy work with me has been like that arrow…it has launched me into something great, and I will stay focused and keep aiming! KUDOs to Attorney Wersing for an awesome job! Thanks”

Anonymous via Avvo

Best Attorney ever

“I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Wersing. He was dedicated to my case and because of his dedication he won my case. I was lost without him. I went to many attorney’s and all of them told me they were unable to help me because the government was to hard to fight against, but not Mr. Wersing. He knew his stuff . If your looking for an attorney who treats you like a person and just not like another number, Mr. Wersing is that attorney. He knows his stuff and will fight for your rights. I can never thank him enough.”

Sandy via Avvo

Top quality attorney

“I had a complex case which Mr. Wersing handled professionally, compassionately, and most of all competently. He was able to achieve a very favorable outcome at my hearing which literally saved my career. I am forever grateful for his help.”

Michael via Avvo

OPM Disability

“Aaron is not only confident in getting things done, he is very compassionate and caring. He is a true fighter for what he believes is right. My case was a bit complicated but Aaron never backed down. Applying for OPM can be daunting and personal. Aaron has the ability to keep you focused and on track which means he understands how emotional it can be for somebody that has to retire due to medical conditions. Because of Aaron my OPM was approved the first time and we didn’t have to do a reconsideration. If you want a good attorney that will fight for you, Aaron is your man. I will be forever thankful. Tammy”

Tammy via Avvo

Superb Legal Services

“I am truly grateful to Mr. Wersing for his superb representation during my FERS Disability Retirement process and the overall legal counsel he provides me. Mr. Wersing displays sincere concern for me as a person and treats me with respect. Mr. Wersing takes the time to speak with me and will always provide an honest opinion. He took a tremendous burden off of my shoulders when he successfully represented me through a host of legal matters. I certainly recommend his legal services to my family members and friends.”

Chavela via Avvo

Provided outstanding legal services!

“Aaron Wersing helped me with my federal workers compensation claim. I am very impressed with his legal knowledge base, professionalism, and patience. My interaction with Mr. Wersing was always positive. It is obvious that Mr. Wesing not only cares about the legal cases that he is involved with, but also cares about the clients. He is organized and reliable. When it comes to federal workers compensation issues, I would highly recommend Aaron Wersing to anyone who is looking for a strong legal asset!”

Cheryl via Avvo

OPM Disability

“I found Aaron Wersing online. Didn’t know anyone to ask for referrals but I really was blessed in finding him. All our communication was over the phone and by email. He answered my calls, was polite, and professional. He won my case. I certainly would recommend him.”

Anonymous via Avvo

Fers Disability

“Aaron Wersing is at the very top of every attorney I have met or dealt with. He is a patient, pleasant and professional attorney who is mission oriented and dedicated to get the job done. He helped me through a very arduous disability process allowing me to keep my self dignity and respect. I cannot imagine working with any attorney other than Aaron Wersing when applying for Fers Disability or any other employment & labor, employee benefits or workers compensation issues.”

Marshall via Avvo

Got the job done.

“Aaron Wersing worked within the tight time frame, and really stayed on top of things. He explained what needed to happen, and what would give us the best chance of getting the rejection for my disability retirement overturned. And it was!”

Laura via Avvo


“He did an awesome job. He was very helpful and answered all question without a run around. He explained everything, so we never worried. I would hire him every time I need a lawyer if I could.”

Elonda via Avvo

Exceptional Legal Services

“Mr. Aaron Wersing has provided me with superb service, often going above and beyond what was requested of him. He was thorough, patient, and responded to all of my requests in a timely manner. His ideas and solutions for obtaining resolution to my case were logical and honest. I would recommend Mr. Aaron Wersing to anyone looking for a straight-forward and kind attorney capable of navigating through the legal world.”

Kendra via Avvo